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A horde of artistic giants. An important mission. A major multimedia, musical project. One common goal to sustain it all: IN THE POCKET.
It’s all happening in Philadelphia.

From the band that brought national attention to Philadelphia’s pop music scene, The Hooters’ renowned drummer David Uosikkinen, is recording what he feels, are “The Essential Songs of Philadelphia”. Uosikkinen is revisiting songs that have been recorded in Philadelphia, or written and performed by Philadelphians. These Essential Songs feature a band with an interchanging line up of Philly’s most respected musicians.

Over and above Uosikkinen himself, featured artists have so far included Ben Arnold – Rob Hyman – John Lilley – Steve Butler – William Wittman – Charlie & Richie Ingui – Jay Davidson – Fran Smith, Jr – TJ Tindall – Eric Bazilian – Graham Alexander – Tommy Conwell – Rick DiFonzo – Jeffrey Gaines – Greg Davis and Jerry Blavat.

So far, In the Pocket project has completed 5 classic songs from the past; “All My Mondays”, “Open My Eyes”, “You Can’t Sit Down”, “Soon You’ll Be Gone” and most recently Robert Hazards’ “Change Reaction”.

To capture these historic recording events, In The Pocket has gone one step further. The studio recording sessions of each song has been made into a film documentary series created by Steve Acito a two-time Emmy® Award nominated producer/director and co-founder of Bluewire Media.

Outside of this charity project Bluewire Media handles complete marketing, advertising and production services, utilizing a full HD studio and HD AVID editing suites in West Berlin, NJ and Radnor, PA.

Leaving no doubt that on both an artistic and technical level, Steve Acito and Bluewire Media fit this project like a glove.

Video has become an integral part of the music business. The transformation of music and song into visual images, more often than not, drastically determine the commercial success of countless recorded audio-works. Steve Acito’s work on In The Pocket series provides solid groundwork in this direction, having done a magnificently endearing job.

He has captured the essence and significance of every note and phrase within the chosen songs adding curious anecdotes and stories from the key players, while showcasing their workmanship and dedication to the project. The filmed footage never looses its rhythmic sense. Images, interviews and music blend beautifully, keeping in perfect time with Uosikkinen’s infectious story-telling and relentless rock ‘n roll beats.

Acito’s intimate film-making style becomes even more evident throughout the video series, as he captures the absolute joy and appreciation for this project by the participants. A tangible sense of love for all things Philly, seems to fill every frame.

Nevertheless, In The Pocket is not just about Steve Acito and David Uosikkinen’s participation. The project which pays tribute to Philadelphia’s musical past was created with a more noble goal in mind.

In that, part of the proceeds from IN THE POCKET: ESSENTIAL SONGS OF PHILADELPHIA will go to the Settlement Music School.

The Settlement Music School is the largest community school of the arts in the United States. With six locations in South, West and Northeast Philadelphia, Germantown, Willow Grove and Camden, New Jersey, the School provides 10,000 weekly services of individual lessons, classes and activities in music, dance and visual arts to children and adults without regard to age, race or financial circumstances, and awards more than $2 million annually in financial aid and scholarships.

Settlement is dedicated to its mission of providing children and adults with the highest quality individual and group instruction and activity in music, dance and the related arts. Settlement provides a wide range of programs for preschool, school age children, adults and seniors.

Alumni includes some of Philadelphia’s most beloved residents including Kevin and Michael Bacon, Chubby Checker, Stanley Clark, Kevin Eubanks, Buddy Greco, G. Love and Frank Rizzo.

It becomes clear that IN THE POCKET: ESSENTIAL SONGS OF PHILADELPHIA has set out with valid and noble ideals, that have been transformed into a work-in-progress reality.

David Uosikkinen has put his talents on the line and so has Steve Acito of Bluewire Media. Others that play integral part to the success of the project are Dallyn Pavey of Dish Public Relations whose promotion keeps the project moving forward and photographer R. Alex Lewis whose images of the artists in the studio have an amazingly personal feel.

Now would be the time for you to do your part for this project and support IN THE POCKET: ESSENTIAL SONGS OF PHILADELPHIA.

You can do so by visiting the IN THE POCKET: ESSENTIAL SONGS OF PHILADELPHIA homepage. Where you’ll find all the information and links to the downloadable songs from iTunes and Amazon, as well as watch the outstanding video series filmed and directed by Steve Acito and his Bluewire Media team.

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