Change Reaction: Live Performance!


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As the In The Pocket project moves forward, I feel like we’ve developed a really cool interactive element to the song launch events in which the fans use their mobile devices to record the songs then submit them to me to compile into a video. This is that video. Shot March 13, 2012 @ World Cafe Live in Philadelphia.
We are extremely grateful to those who recorded and submitted video:
Thomas Riling
Dennis Jeitner
Katie Rettinger
Richard Huder
*Ken Zac
* youtube profile names (real names coming as provided)
Please go to and download the tracks to support Settlement Music School
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All songs are jut 99¢ and are available on iTunes. So far we have recorded 6 tracks:
All My Mondays
(feat. David Uosikkinen, Eric Bazilian, Richard Bush, Greg Davis, Rob Hyman & William Wittman)
Open My Eyes
(feat. David Uosikkinen, Eric Bazilian, Rick Difonzo, Jeffrey Gaines, Rob Hyman & William Wittman)
You Can’t Sit Down
(feat. David Uosikkinen, Tommy Conwell, Graham Alexander, Eric Bazilian, Jay Davidson & Rob Hyman)
Soon You’ll Be Gone
(feat. David Uosikkinen, Jay Davidson, Rob Hyman, The Soul Survivors (Charlie & Richie Ingui), fran Smith Jr, TJ Tindall & Eric Bazilian)
Change Reaction
(feat. David Uosikkinen, Ben Arnold, Steve Butler, Rob Hyman, John Lilley & William Wittman)
and Disco Inferno (coming soon)

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