Ignition & Liftoff!

Ignition & Liftoff!

Welcome to the launch of my website, SteveAcito.com. This site is designed to accompany our corporate site, bluewiremedia.com, but give users a more focused web and mobile friendly experience that features my work. Specialties are broken down for easy access, including: video, print & photography. Don’t miss the slider on the home page which highlights various stories / events / projects that I think might be of interest. Our documentary charity project for In The Pocket: The Essential Songs of Philadelphia is in the special projects category and includes exclusive content that will only be available at SteveAcito.com. We’re currently developing an even friendlier mobile app that will be available for a free download in the Apple store and Android market, but they are coming soon.

If you like any articles, video, photos or any aspects of the site, I’d appreciate any social media shares, likes and / or mentions.

To see what others think of me, Bluewire and our work check out the testimonial section and if you have something you’d like in there send it over and I’ll include it.

Thanks and check back often!


More about me & Bluewire here.

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