I saw the light…

This documentary short is the 8th from the Emmy® Nominated series IN THE POCKET: ESSENTIAL SONGS OF PHILADELPHIA. Follow project creator, David Uosikkinen of The Hooters’ as he records the seventh song in his singles series. “I Saw The Light” was originally written and recorded by Philadelphian, Todd Rundgren.

In the Pocket project, brings together all-star Philly musicians to cover classic Philadelphia tunes. For more information on IN THE POCKET: ESSENTIAL SONGS OF PHILADELPHIA go to songsinthepocket.org.

In The Pocket features:
David Uosikkinen – (The Hooters) – drums
Steve Butler – (Smash Palace) – guitar / vocals
Cliff Hillis – (Singer / Songwriter) – vocals
Fran Smith Jr (The Hooters) – bass
Produced by Phil Nicolo
Special interview guests:
Paul Fishkin

About the project:
With IN THE POCKET: ESSENTIAL SONGS OF PHILADELPHIA, The Hooters’ David Uosikkinen revisits songs that were either recorded in Philadelphia or written and performed by Philadelphians. These essential songs feature a rotating line up of Philly’s most celebrated musicians. Songs are available for download at songsinthepocket.org. A video documentary by award winning producer/director Steve Acito of Bluewire Media is produced to accompany each song. Acito’s In The Pocket long-form documentary was recently nominated for an Emmy award.

The project’s main goal is to promote Philadelphia’s Settlement Music School. With six branches in PA and NJ, it is the largest community school of the arts in the United States serving 15,000 students each year regardless of age, race, or financial means. Settlement Music School’s alumni includes some of Philadelphia’s most beloved residents including Kevin and Michael Bacon, Chubby Checker, Stanley Clark, Kevin Eubanks, Buddy Greco, G. Love and Frank Rizzo.



No longer available

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Buy In The Pocket songs here:
All songs are just 99¢ and are available on iTunes. So far we have recorded 7 tracks:
All My Mondays
(feat. David Uosikkinen, Eric Bazilian, Richard Bush, Greg Davis, Rob Hyman & William Wittman)
Open My Eyes
(feat. David Uosikkinen, Eric Bazilian, Rick Difonzo, Jeffrey Gaines, Rob Hyman & William Wittman)
You Can’t Sit Down
(feat. David Uosikkinen, Tommy Conwell, Graham Alexander, Eric Bazilian, Jay Davidson & Rob Hyman)
Soon You’ll Be Gone
(feat. David Uosikkinen, Jay Davidson, Rob Hyman, The Soul Survivors (Charlie & Richie Ingui), Fran Smith Jr, TJ Tindall & Eric Bazilian)
Change Reaction
(feat. David Uosikkinen, Ben Arnold, Steve Butler, Rob Hyman, John Lilley & William Wittman)
Plus Disco Inferno!!!! Disco Inferno
and now
I Ain’t Searchin’ (feat. David Uosikkinen, Eric Bazilian, Steve Butler & Cliff Hillis) Produced by Phil Nicolo

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