Legendary film director John Waters on The Drexel Interview

Filmed on location in the Anthony J. Drexel Picture Gallery, The Drexel InterView(TM) highlights internationally recognized artists, celebrities, innovators and public figures; many of who live and work in the greater Philadelphia area or have ties to Drexel University.
The Drexel InterView(TM) is hosted by cultural critic, novelist and Distinguished Professor of English, Dr. Paula Marantz Cohen.  As part of the upcoming season, a two episode arc featuring interviews with iconic film director John Waters has been filmed. Part one focuses on Waters and is films: part two features insight into Waters’ career as an award winning filmmaker and artist.  Mr. Waters is best known for his array of artistic kitschy films, notably the recent Tony Award® winning broadway hit, Hairspray and reimagined film version of the ’88 hit of the same name.   Other famous works include: Pink Flamingos, Polyester, Cry-Baby, Serial Mom and many others.  Mr. Waters is also promoting a new book entitled “Role Models” in which he discusses his influences with his own unique flair and creativity.

Three time Emmy® Award Nominated, Bluewire Media produces The Drexel InterView(TM) which is seen in over 98 television markets and is entering it’s seventh season.  Leo Switucha and Steve Acito, founders of Bluewire Media each direct various episodes.   The post production for the 2010 season of the programs is being handled at Bluewire’s Radnor, PA facility which features two of Bluewire’s four Avid edit suites.  Animations, graphics and audio sweetening are overseen at Bluewire’s NJ Studio which also features a full Adobe Production & After Effects suite, Avid suites and audio production stations.

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